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From Printed Circuit Boards to Casings – Everything Under One Roof

At BERATRONIC, we take pride in offering you an All-In-One service that caters to all your electronics manufacturing needs. Our Step into the world of metalworking began when customers asked if we could assist them in sourcing metal components such as casings, screws, sleeves, connectors, and even plastic parts. We listened and took action, and today, we can provide you with a seamless solution that spans from PCB manufacturing and assembly to custom casings for your product.

Benefits of Our All-In-One Service

Choosing to entrust everything to BERATRONIC translates not only to streamlining your business processes for our customers but also substantial cost savings. By placing your entire supply chain in our hands, you shorten lead times, reduce inventory costs, and benefit from our proven quality assurance. The result? A leaner, more efficient production and satisfied customers.

Our Expertise - Your Assurance

Our decades-long experience in electronics manufacturing and metalworking, coupled with a dedicated team of experts, makes us your ideal partner. We stand for precision, quality, and innovative solutions—no matter how complex your project might be. – BERATRONIC shows you the way!

Explore the Future of Metalworking with BERATRONIC

With our All-In-One service, we provide you the flexibility and reliability you need to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive world. Trust in BERATRONIC to bring your ideas to life and elevate your products to the next level.

Ready to Optimize Your Supply Chain and Reduce Costs?

learn more about how BERATRONIC can assist you with your metalworking needs.

Precision metalworking


Laser cutting


Aluminum alloys
Stainless steel
Zinc alloys


Naturally anodized
Anodized with paint
Powder coated
Blue galvanized
Yellow galvanized
KTL, gas-nitrided




Equipment: CNC machining centers with 4-axis and 5-axis, CNC turning-milling machines. The largest working travel of our machines is 1100*600*600, the best precision is 0.005mm, and the best surface roughness can reach Ra 0.8.
This equipment can be used to machine most flat parts and some curved parts. We can also realize grooves, gear teeth, gears and special shapes.
Almost all types of milled parts can be machined, including housings, frames, plates, end covers, spindle rods, etc.

CNC turning

Equipment: CNC lathes, CNC lathe-milling machines and ordinary lathes. The largest possible dimension is 300*500, the best precision is 0.005mm, and the best surface roughness can reach Ra 0.8.
We offer all kinds of turned parts, such as circular shafts, discs and cones and other turned parts. In addition to the inner and outer surface, threads, recesses and holes are also possible.
We realize closure parts, valve parts, LED lighting parts and other non-standard fasteners.

Laser cutting

The travel of our laser cutting machines is 1500×3000mm, the best precision is 0.1mm material thickness up to 3mm for aluminum sheet, 10mm for stainless steel sheet and 16mm for steel sheet can be processed.
We realize covers, strike plates, etc.


We work with you to develop highly efficient die cutting solutions and deliver quality products.
For this purpose, we manufacture punching dies with a long service life that can be used for repeat orders for many years.
Our typical stamped products include hardware, automotive parts, furniture parts and electronic equipment housings, etc.