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Printed circuit boards

BERATRONIC GmbH - Your contact for all questions concerning printed circuit boards

What does BERATRONIC GmbH do?

As a service provider for the procurement of your printed circuit boards and assemblies from Asia, we see ourselves as “translators” of western quality demands, deadline and price requirements.
Our long-standing partnerships with manufacturing companies in the Far East are characterized by the goal of creating an understanding for the procedures of Western companies despite all the cultural differences. Therefore, for more than 20 years, we have placed special emphasis on assessing the capabilities of our partners and helping to implement required standards through frequent on-site audits.
As a result of these activities, we can act as a distributor to you and offer you the opportunity to source Asian PCBs risk-free.

The very rapid transformation of recent years, from an extended workbench for simple products to high-tech manufacturing, has not only positive aspects.
This was inevitably accompanied in Far Eastern companies by the development of their own idea of quality, which in some areas is in stark contrast to our own.

Therefore, there is a need for harmonization, which we address through our data preparation in Germany, the definition of outgoing controls, our communicated packaging and shipping regulations and an additional AQL control in Germany.

We, the team of BERATRONIC GmbH, are your contact for all questions concerning the procurement of printed circuit boards and components.

High quality and attractive prices

Our main focus is on an optimal combination of reliability and reasonable prices.

Simple board or complex multilayer

The team of BERATRONIC GmbH, is also available for special projects with advice and support.

Delivery reliability, customer proximity and economic efficiency

We guarantee you maximum competence in terms of quality, delivery reliability and cost-effectiveness .

From rigid-flex printed circuit boards to metal-core printed circuit boards

Flexibility in terms of type of assembly and number of copper layers.

Scheduled delivery and end-to-end customer support

We place the highest value on your individual consultation – from the layout to the finished circuit board.

Benefit from many years of experience and comprehensive expertise

We simplify your path from prototype to mature product

Printed circuit boards – between Far Eastern rationalization and high Western demands

Far Eastern manufacturers are now among the world’s leaders in terms of equipment, capacity and unbeatable prices and, realizing their market power, are now moving to streamline their business model and establish acceptance criteria that often cannot meet our standards. So it’s our job to stop and even partially reverse this trend for you and your products. Our many years of personal contact with manufacturers and our knowledge of which process steps could be critical in this context are of great help here.

With us you buy to insured, German trading conditions with agreed upon terms of payment examined quality products, which we supply to you free house punctually.

From assembly production to rigid-flex printed circuit boards

Our capabilities range from development, design and procurement of PCBs as well as components to the assembly of your assembly. We offer all our products from prototypes to high volume production (high mix low volume and low mix high volume).

We offer a complete service from assembled prototypes to complete system assembly.

Ceramic circuit boards 1 to >= 4 layers in thick-film technology

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), aluminum nitride (AlN)

Flexible and semiflex printed circuit boards up to 6 layers

maximum size up to 650 mm x 500 mm, polyimide, PET
Reinforcement (stiffener) in polyimide, FR-4, copper, steel or aluminum

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards up to 36 layers

(up to 20 rigid and up to 16 flexible layers)
maximum size up to 650 mm x 500 mm, all materials in combination with polyimide

Ceramic circuit boards up to 2 layers plated through in thin film technology

Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), aluminum nitride (AlN)

Copper IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) metal core printed circuit boards

maximum size up to 650 mm x 500 mm, copper, steel and aluminum

HF (High Frequency), HDI (High-Density Interconnect),SBU (Sequential-Build-Up) PCBs

maximum size up to 650 mm x 500 mm, polyimide, PET
Reinforcement (stiffener) in polyimide, FR-4, copper, steel or aluminum

Aluminum circuit boards

maximum size up to 650 mm x 500 mm, copper, steel and aluminum

FR-4 printed circuit boards up to 58 layers

maximum size up to 1500 mm x 670 mm, FR4, FR4 High TG, FR4 halogen-free , CEM 1/3

Assembly production (EMS)

Component procurement, assembly, soldering, cleaning, testing and programming

SMD stencils lasered

Stainless steel, pressure ports customized to your specifications, elctropolished

Our technologies

Data preparation

  • Legacy document preparation
  • Scan Service
  • Data conversion
  • CAM data preparation
  • CAD layout service
  • Digitization
  • Delivery time 1-2 AT


Technical data

  • Max. Panel size up to 1500mm x 670mm
  • PCB thickness from 0.1-17.5mm
  • Smallest hole 0.075mm
  • Smallest trace/spacing 50µm
  • Copper layer up to 1000µm
  • Number of layers up to 58
  • Aspect Ratio 20:1
  • Rigid flex and flex
  • Viaplugging
  • Impedance control
  • Laser Microvias
  • Blind, Buried Vias

Basic material

  • FR4, FR4 High TG, FR4
  • halogen-free, CEM1/3, Rogers,
  • Ceramic (Al2O3), polyimide and others


  • HAL lead-free, HAL Pb/Sn, chem. Ni/Au (ENIG), chem. Ni/Pd/Au (ENEPIG), chem. Sn, chem. Ag, OSP(Entek), galv. Ni/Au, Carbon, Ag/Pt (thick film technology) and others

Solder resist and placement printing

  • Different paint systems (including halogen-free) and colors


  • ISO 9001:2015 / IATF 16949
  • UL listing
  • RoHS / REACH
  • Manufacturing according to IPC A600 class 2 and 3

Delivery times

  • Rush service from 1 AT
  • Series from 10 AT

BERATRONIC GmbH – Your specialized service provider for printed circuit boards

We are pleased that you have found our pages and would like to offer you a detailed description of our company as well as the technical information you are looking for. We would prefer to advise you personally, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your satisfaction always comes first for us and is the decisive measure of our success.

Therefore, it is best to contact us, the team of BERATRONIC GmbH, for all questions concerning printed circuit boards today!