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One-Stop Service

From prototype to small and large series to repair, we offer a wide range of PCB assembly and manufacturing services. BERATRONIC GmbH PCB assembly services include design, prototyping, new product introduction (NPI), supply chain management and assembly of a wide range of PCBs. Other services we offer include BGA post-processing, conformal coating, IC programming, X-ray inspection, in-circuit testing (ICT), automated optical inspection, cable and harness assembly, and more.

The assemblies we manufacture meet all required industry standards and are RoHS compliant. The conformal coating and potting services we provide comply with IPC-CC-830B standards. As part of our PCB assembly services, we also offer prototype assemblies that allow you to get a clear picture of the final assembly. This also helps to detect design errors at an early stage, thus reducing overall manufacturing costs.

Why should you choose BERATRONIC GmbH for your placement requirements?

BERATRONIC GmbH is a Germany-based company specializing in a wide range of industrial and commercial PCB assembly services with manufacturing capabilities in Germany, Europe and Asia.

Your advantages in detail:

A comprehensive range of placement services

We offer a wide range of PCB assembly services including THT, SMT, mixed assembly, rigid, flexible, rigid-flexible and semi-flexible applications.

100% Quality Guarantee

At BERATRONIC GmbH, we source all parts from reliable suppliers and manufacturers that have proven themselves over many years. All assemblies are subjected to tests and inspections according to your requirements, such as X-ray inspection, in-circuit tests (ICT), functional tests and AOI. This allows us to guarantee 100% quality of the assemblies.

Custom placement services

We know that placement requirements vary in different industries. For example, PCBs used in the automotive industry differ from PCBs used in consumer or industrial electronics. We meet the needs of our customers in these industries by providing them with customized placement services. Our experts work with you to understand your requirements and propose appropriate solutions.

Quick service

We guarantee the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Our turnaround times vary from 1-2 weeks for complex projects to 1-5 days for standard projects. If all parts are available quickly, delivery times can be accelerated even further.

Small, prototype and large series production

As an experienced placement service, we can handle all types of projects. It doesn’t matter if you need a single PCB assembly or over 10,000 pieces, we want to guide you across the entire spectrum.

Sourcing Service

  1. Do you have an ongoing project that you would like to purchase more economically?
    Then take advantage of our contacts around the world. Especially the purchase of medium and large series in the Asian region is one of our specialties. In the event of a series relocation, we take over the conversion of your BOM to favorably available replacement types with advance sampling.

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Printed circuit board production and assembly?
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Our services

  • Layout creation
  • Material procurement
  • SMD assembly
  • Manual and semi-automatic
  • Mounting
  • Reflow and wave soldering
  • Selective soldering
  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • X-ray inspection
  • System assemblies
  • In circuit tests and
  • Function test
  • Revision and repair
  • Rework Station
  • Short delivery times